Poppy's fundraising Christmas Raffle


Support Poppy’s fundraising Christmas Raffle for her trip to Tanzania in 2023. Buy a ticket to win a 2.4kg box of chocolate Celebrations. For December Boxmoor Good Neighbours will receive 15% of the total prize pot!

Poppy from The Hemel Hempstead School is fundraising for a trip to Tanzania in 2023 where she will be carrying out community work and conservation activities with a group of students. 

Hi, I'm Poppy, from the Hemel Hempstead school.

In 2023 a group of students and I will be travelling to Tanzania for four weeks, with Camps International. This expedition will include working hand in hand with local people, learning traditional skills, about challenges they face, and working to find solutions. There is also a strenuous personal challenge - a 5-day trek up Mount Meru, camping through rainforest to the summit. 

Part of the whole experience is fundraising for our passage. I need to raise £5000 to cover trip, accommodation, food, community work and conservation activities. 

To raise funds I am creating items to sell, events to run, and putting myself through physically challenging sponsored activities. I will be doing this as an individual, and partnering up to create bigger events, as well as revising for GCSEs!!

My first challenge is underway already, I am learning Swahili with Duolingo!!

My first fundraising activity has already taken place, I had a stall at Bovingdon Village Market, where I sold my handmade earrings. This was great fun, and I sold a lot of earrings.

I feel this is a great opportunity to raise money not just for my cause, but to also benefit local charities. I've created a raffle to win a huge 2.4kg box of Celebrations chocolates in time for Christmas, PLUS giving 15% of the prize fund to a local charity. The more entries, the greater charity donation!

I am using an established online raffle company, Raffall. Keep an eye on my Gofundme page for details of raffles and events, and follow my progress! 

I am delighted to announce that December’s raffle will benefit Boxmoor Good Neighbours! Good deeds start at home, so as I will be helping people in rural Tanzanian communities, it seemed right that I help a charity working in MY local community as well.

Go to


to sign up to Raffall and enter. Tickets @ £1 each, or scan the QR code


Raffle Summary by Heidi Brown, Poppy's mother.

My daughter, Poppy, is raising money for her epic trip to Tanzania in 2023, with Camps International, where she will be working in rural communities for four weeks, helping improve education, buildings, sanitation facilities, environmental issues, working side by side with the local people and learning traditional skills.

When the draw is made, the winner will receive a HUGE 2.4kg box of Celebrations chocolates, in time for Christmas AND she has chosen to donate a % of the prize fund to a local charity which helps older people in our local community, by offering companionship, helping with chores and providing fun days out. The charity, Boxmoor Good Neighbours, will receive 15% of the total prize pot.

To sign up to Raffall scan the QR code or visit


Tickets £1 each