Chinese New Year celebrations


Last week our neighbours celebrated Chinese New Year at The Post Office Arms with delicious home-cooked Chinese cuisine.

Boxmoor Good Neighbours welcomed the Year of the Rabbit with a Chinese New Year banquet at the Post Office Arms on January 23rd.

The menu looked very enticing and our neighbours were certainly not disappointed! The food was excellent, thanks to William who is an amazing cook as well as our local Counselor!

William's wife who helped with the preparation made the delicious green papaya salad which was a refreshing accompaniment to the other dishes.

Our neighbours were overwhelmed by the seemingly endless succession of courses that were served up - in fact one person commented that there'd be no need to eat for the rest of the week!

An abundance of rice accompanied the food, and some brave people showed off their chopstick techniques, with varied success!

Chinese 'fortune cookies' added a fun element at the end of a very enjoyable evening.

All in all, it was a lovely evening for our neighbours who thoroughly enjoyed the oriental cuisine prepared by William.

A big thank-you to the drivers who provided lifts for our neighbours and to the helping hands who were on hand all evening to get drinks from the bar and also served all the various courses.

Thank you  to all for making this a very successful Chinese New Year celebration!